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Hello, Alums!  You already know how great SEA is, and we want to keep that enthusiasm alive.  We count on you more heavily than our other friends for advice, referrals and assistance, in fact we hope to encourage you to become a permanent part of the SEA Family.

Take a look at the selections below and see how we can help you to help us.    You can also email the SEA Alumni Relations Coordinator or call at 508-540-3955 ext. 12.  If you have an address update, or any personal or career news (Scuttlebutt) you'd like to share, this is the route to send it.

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The SEA Roatan Relief Fund is one of those things that make SEA so special.  Take a minute to learn how we made a difference.

The SEA Alumni Website is under construction now!  We've created a place to host websites for your cruise, start a list of Alumni email addresses and who knows what else.  If you have created, or would like to create a website for your cruise contact the SEA Webmaster for more information.

are excerpts from the journals of our past students.   They provide a unique view into the lives of our students; entertaining, enlightening and in some cases profound!

The Daily Report may be your most useful resource.  We update this page every weekday with the position of each of our ships and some general information about what's going on out there.  

How you can help SEAWe rely on our SEA Alumni as a primary resource for referrals, advice and financial assistance.  Please visit this section to see if you can find a way to lend a hand in keeping SEA afloat.

The SEA Staff Directory provides an SEA phone & email list.

The Alumni Calendar & Alumni Events keep you posted on upcoming items of interest.

SEA's research vessels, page answers some of the most commonly asked questions about SSV Westward and SSV Corwith Cramer.

The Driving Directions to SEA page shows you how to get to SEA from almost anywhere.