The SEA Community

This area of our website is intended to provide current information of use to the friends, employees and associates of SEA.  It is currently under construction and may end up in a password protected area of our website.

The selections below will provide information of interest to the SEA Community; Staff, Crew, Board Members and Trustees and our many friends.   

  • smallnew.gif (926 bytes) SEA Tall Ships Cruise 2000
  • SEA Staff Directory
  • Event Calendar
  • Academic Calendar
  • The Daily Report
  • SEA's Ships
  • Employment Opportunities
  • smallnew.gif (926 bytes) Crew Employment Opportunities
  • smallnew.gif (926 bytes) Crew News
  • How you can help SEA
  • Other Oceanographic Links
  • Driving Directions to SEA

The Daily Report may be your most useful resource.  We update this page every weekday with the position of each of our ships and some general information about what's going on out there.