K-12 Teachers

Welcome!  As a working teacher, you have a very special place at SEA.   We count on you for feedback from the front lines on how SEA's multidisciplinary science programs can contribute to the elementary and secondary educational system.

In addition, we invite you to participate in our exciting and challenging summer seminar programs for elementary, middle school and high school teachers. Please take a look at the selections below and see how we can help you to help us.

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Doherty Experience at SEA describes our three-week professional development program designed for middle-school and high-school teachers.

Research at SEA describes our six-week professional development program designed for K-12 teachers.

SEA's Academic Programs  provides detailed descriptions of all the scholastic programs offered at SEA, including our programs for K-12 teachers.

Other Oceanographic Links provides links to other colleges, oceanographic institutions and sail training programs that may be of interest to you.

Our K-12 Lesson Plans are pre-packaged and tested lesson plans that you can put to work in your classroom.

The specifications of SEA's Research Vessels and the list of Shipboard Scientific Equipment provide more technical detail on our shipboard environment.

The Daily Report may be your most useful resource.  We update this page every weekday with the position of each of our research vessels and some general information about what's going on out there.

Supporting SEA Please visit this section to see if you can find a way to lend a hand in keeping SEA afloat.

If you have more questions, email them to admission@sea.edu, or call 800.552.3633

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