SEA Parents

Thanks for visiting! We consider the parents of our students to be one of our most valuable assets. This is true both while your sons or daughters are attending classes at SEA and after they complete their studies here. Your help in providing us with feedback on our programs, referrals of other students who might want to come to SEA, and as an active member of the SEA family allow us to maintain the unique character of our institution. 

Take a look at the selections below and see how we can help you to help us.  SEA Slideshow and start over.

  • Student Journals
  • The Daily Report
  • SEA's Research Vessels
  • The Parent's Update
  • How you can help SEA
  • SEA Alumni Website
  • Parents FAQ
  • Academic Calendar
  • SEA Staff Directory
  • Driving Directions to SEA

Student Journals provide some excerpts from the journals of our past students.   They provide a unique view into the lives of our students; entertaining, enlightening and in some cases profound!

The Daily Report may be your most useful resource.  We update this page every weekday with the position of each of our ships and some general information about what's going on out there. 

The Parents Update provides a short summary of how the current cruises are going.  It is intended for the parents of current SEA students, but it makes for an entertaining read.

How you can help SEA  We rely on our SEA Parents as a primary resource for referrals, advice and financial assistance.  Please visit this section to see if you can find a way to lend a hand in keeping SEA afloat.

The SEA Alumni Website is under construction now!  We've created a place for SEA students to host websites from their cruises.  It looks like it's going to be a whole lot of fun.

The Academic Calendar shows the current list of classes, including their beginning and ending dates, and where the ships will be sailing.  This is a great place to start planning a class at SEA.

The SEA Staff Directory allows you to get to know the players at SEA before you arrive.